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Unconscious Inclusion: The Infinite Journey

When an organisation claims to be diverse and inclusive in their values, there is a surefire way to apply a measuring stick to the ‘in practice’ interactions that you would expect to reflect this.

Have a conversation with a handful of people in the organisation, and ask them to what extent they feel their organisation addresses unconscious bias within their world of work.

You will soon see how serious the organisation is about genuine inclusion.

Here at Kin Space we believe that unconscious inclusion is an infinite journey. In reference to Simon Sinek’s latest concept, we draw parallels to the notion that when playing infinitely, our goal is to outlast and leave a legacy that continues beyond our existence.

Unconscious inclusion to most is an aspirational ideal, however it is one in which we can keep bettering ourselves from the day before. It is not about beating our competition; it is not even about winning.

Unconscious inclusion is a journey in normalizing unnatural behaviours – questioning the way we have been conditioned to see the world.

We consider it to be the Holy Grail. It is that oasis of connectivity and productivity when we have rewired our brains to instinctively empathise with the other person in the interaction.

It is inevitable that there will be a tipping point in the not too distant future, where the unexpected will become the expected. The thriving nature of organisations and the way in which we communicate into the future depend on it.

In response to those that may argue that we as humans are not capable of such a feat, there is preliminary evidence to the contrary.

A study conducted by University of Virginia shows evidence of hard-wired, unconscious brain bias reversal amongst all demographic groups, with a shift in attitudes towards the LGBT community.

This study of bias is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg. Intervening early in formative years will be part of the journey to creating a measurable shift and advancing the timeline of this process.

Shining a glaring light on unconscious bias requires a perpetual examination of the human behavior within your organisation.

*Are you ready to put your inclusiveness to the test?

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