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The Art of PX

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Kin Space | Core Beliefs

Here at Kin Space, we have defined our fundamental core beliefs that we developed through trial and error along our journey in leading teams. The Art of PX methodology exists to advocate the consideration of PX within every level of the organisation.

1. Environments of Trust

  • Your people are open and honest with their thoughts, creating transparency and cooperation for leadership to act upon critical information responsively.

  • Your people are able to talk simply with direct reports and trust permeates across personal, cultural, and structural contexts.

  • Regular and socially safe forums are advocated in which people exchange a free flow of ideas and have the opportunity to connect.

  • All people within your organisation are driven to contribute constructively to drive the creation of positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

2. Support for Individual Development and Accountability

  • People in your organisation are supported on a journey within the organisation throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

  • Your people are provided the tools, resources, and clear pathways to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Your people are supported in the ability to quickly pivot in finding alternative solutions.

  • Your people have a deep understanding that accountability begins with one’s self and is between people not tasks.

3. People Think Big, Take Risks, & Get Stuff Done

  • Your people are encouraged to think big within the context of your organisation.

  • Your people think critically to understand what they need to know to reduce and take considered risk.

  • Your people are fearless however consider their impact before taking action.

  • Your people say AND do.

4. Empathy is High on the Agenda

  • Your people appreciate the power and opportunity of being able to view through multiple lenses in creating solutions.

  • Your people perceive empathy as strength and a leadership attribute.

  • Your people prioritise empathy and Ask others, Listen to others, Serve others and Open up to others ALSO.

  • Your people communicate without fear of judgment.

5. External Perspectives are Valued

  • Your people consult and collaborate in order to adapt, change, and evolve in finding innovative and long-term solutions to the dynamic problems they encounter.

  • Your people are encouraged to explore and understand how other people are tackling trending issues. They are not fearful of sharing knowledge.

  • Your organisation understands its people will benefit from engaging with others outside of their four walls to spark and filter innovation and creativity back into the organisation.

*How committed are you to prioritising your PX?

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